Domain .EDU.UA

In Ukraine, is widely known domain .EDU.UA, which appeared in 1998. Domain name registration in the area directly involved administrator of this domain – the company “Hostmaster”. Register a domain in this area can only entities that were able to confirm the level of accreditation of the university. To do this, you need to register on the site identifier UANIIC company “Hostmaster”, then apply online In parallel with the online application, you must submit an official letter from the rector of the university to the address: 04053 Kyiv, / I 23, OOO “Hostmaster” and wait for about 5 days. Registration is free. Learn more.

Domains new generation .ACADEMY .EDUCATION .INSTITUTE

In 2014 began their work domains of the new generation, also known as the New gTLD – .ACADEMY, .EDUCATION, .INSTITUTE. Unlike .EDU domain .EDU.UA and you do not need to specifically confirm the accreditation of the institution, all domains registered by a new generation with no special requirements and aim to ensure that your name to uniquely identify the activity of the site owner. Thus, the domain .ACADEMY can identify Academy, researchers academies, teachers and other individuals and entities associated with the activities of the Academy. Domain .EDUCATION has a vast sense, then you can register domains for sites that are generally associated with education, it can be as universities and private tutors. As for the domain .INSTITUTE – site address with the same name will be clearly indicate that it is a site specific institution.

Register these domains can be directly on the site NIC.UA. All you need – is to choose a free domain name and pay the bill. Domain name registration in these areas open to schools, departments, faculties and universities, even without additional requirements.

Company NIC.UA – a socially responsible company and we understand the importance of education in Ukraine. That is why the whole of September, for all schools and universities, we offer to register domains .ACADEMY, .EDUCATION, .INSTITUTE at our expense, that is free of charge. To do this, make the required domain and inform our customer support number offered for paying the bill.

We remind you that from August 14 to September 15, 2014, we give all customers a 50% discount in the form of bonuses when registering new domains or any order hosting services. For the past 7 years, we offer domain registration services and hosting. We can say that we have “master’s degree” and we are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. We are always open to dialogue and to answer any of your questions.

What unique domains in each zone?

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.COM Domain is considered to be the king of top-level domains. In this zone, most of registered second-level domains, domains in the zone .COM are the most valuable, and almost every major company is seeking a domain. Moreover, it is believed that almost every domain in any other area (especially gTLD) has its counterpart in the zone .COM.

Is it really? DomainTools conducted a study database and domain whois, to find out how many unique domains in each domain zone. A unique domain name is considered to be a name that is not found in any other area. For example, is not unique, because there are also Percentage of unique domain names can show which areas are popular among a certain range of users and independent of the authority .COM, and which are perceived by users as less prestigious version of the main top-level domain.
Domen.SOM c 75% of unique names, and here was the leader, because the domain name in this area is much greater than in any other gTLD.

60% of the domains in the German zone .DE have no analogues in the .COM and other areas, indicating that the good reputation and high popularity among the German national domain users.

In .tk domain can register a domain for free, hence the highest rate in 56% of unique names. Next on the list are national domains with about 40% of unique names. Members of these countries also do not consider it necessary to have a domain in a zone .COM.

GTLD only with a lot of unique domains, krome.SOM – zone .INFO. Probable cause – big discounts on the registration of domain names.

Least of all unique domains in .CO (5%), .ASIA (4%), .EU (3%). This result was expected, because the .CO domain is touted as an analog zone .COM – even with the same decoding – company. In the recently opened domains European Union and Asia many copies not only zones .COM, but also top-level domains of other European and Asian countries, respectively. It is noteworthy that 51% of all contemplated SLD there is only one zone. But the rating domain zones in which registered the most domain matches the domain in the zone .COM